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We are special dealers in superhero costumes and accessories and we will make you feel comfortable and happy with all our products because there is definitely one to match all our customer`s needs. Even in case of special needs, we go out of the way to take orders and try to deliver them on time satisfying our customers with our products. You will be able to find with us some real exciting and fun collections of superior quality t-shirts, leggings and other jackets that can be found nowhere else and this is our niche. We try to make all of our products like costumes and jackets custom- made and that too made from high-quality materials that would make you feel comfortable and would also keep you comfortable throughout the day. Generally, these character costumes look heavy and strong. But with us, you will find all comfortable wears and you will always be kept comfortable.

We have costumes and accessories for both men and women because all of us know that there are both male and female characters and the craze for being and looking like them is there in both the genders. So, we try to stock all different and unique collections for both men and women. There is a special section for kids wherein you will find all that would suit the needs of the kids. All the accessories that are meant and designed for kids are all made from safe and high-quality materials and we always try to stock them after intense quality checks so that they prove suitable and safe for the tiny little heroes. And we have named this the super kid section. So once you are on our shop floors, you will find the whole family separated into their own sections and it is a complete family shop.


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